MLS Access

Need Access To The MLS?
Avoid Expensive Membership Fees
Want Your Own MLS Account?
Individual Logins Per Agent
  • Joining Realtor associations is optional. (Not Required)

  • MLS access costs almost $1,000 or more in fees.

  • Are you not interested in joining Realtor associations?

  • We offer private logins to search the MLS.

  • ​Our MLS access is provided for a discounted fee.

What Is The Cost?

• Prices vary depending on your desired MLS region.
• The cost is discounted compared to joining Realtor associations.

•  Contact us for exact prices.

(954) 624-5372
• Realtor associations are expensive.
• We provide MLS access for agents.
• Receive your own private login.
• Search the market like a Realtor.

Call For Details

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